Written Works

Vladimir Nabokov and the Ideological Aesthetic

(Oxford: Peter Lang, 2017)

VN Book

Academic monograph which argues that ideology is a prism through which the work of Vladimir Nabokov has yet to be considered. It is thus the first attempt to foreground questions of ideology and politics within a field that has historically been resistant to such readings

Horizontal Rain

(Edinburgh: Hyperidean Press, August 2020)


‘Eschews the film flam of the usual suspects in new and exciting ways…ice cool and ultimately modern…it literally pings with electricity. ‘  

Lee Rourke

Horizontal Rain is a disquieting philosophical dispatch from a phase of life many will recognise but prefer to forget; a study in male abjection on the booze-soaked margins…against a wider societal context of entropy and frustration

– Rob Doyle

Set in Glasgow 2015. A man suddenly finds himself alone, but not for long. Soon his attention is consumed by another woman – sublime, inspired, unknowable – and different, he feels, from those who came before her. His friend, arrogant and unencumbered, taunts him as they drift aimlessly from one hangover to the next amidst a landscape of uniform grey, pulsating lights and insipid rain. Between querulous despondency and abject nihilism – an attempt to capture the disquiet of the decade just past, striking at the heart of a contagious male despair.


(Edinburgh: Hyperidean Press, June 2020)


Edited with Stewart McCarthy and Richard Porteous.

BEYOND is an anthology of short prose about the future and all of its disorientating and perturbing possibilities. We present work that ranges from the parallax of the present – into imagined realities which call back with responses and warnings to the ineluctable churn of our modern world. Frequently dark, often humorous, these writings bear the responsibility of interrogating our conception of normalcy, and pursuing its significance in a future which may be closer to hand than previously acknowledged.

Featuring work by Camilla Grudova, Joe Alexander, Matthew Crowley, Augustin Cambau, Leah Case, Nicholas E. Jung, Andrea Dandillot, Mickey J. Ellis, Gina Rodrigues, Mark Bolsover and from myself.


Recent Articles

‘‘Machinic Desire’: Wyndham Lewis, Masculinity and the Sublime Horror of Technological War’, Modernist Cultures, Vol 15, Issue 4, November 2020

‘National Allegory’ as Negative Dialectic in Wyndham Lewis’s Tarr, Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies, 2018

‘Revenge of the Nerds: Recidivist Masculinity, Identity Politics and the Online Culture Wars’ – Journal of Extreme Anthropology, University of Oslo, September 2017.

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